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Old 11-26-2000, 01:15 PM
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I recently purchased an 85 300D so of course I had to dive in and try to make everything work. Right now I am in the middle of fixing the climate control system but my next project is the injection pump I think. It starts up no problem but it has horrible performance below 3k rpm. I already drained the fuel tank and the fuel filters were recently replaced. I also ran 2 cans of lubro molly diesel purge through there. After the diesel purge cleaned things up a little it started running much better (not great but better) but it was back to its old ways before I was even done with the 2nd can of purge. I haven't tried adj. the timing yet and I will do that but I thought I would go ahead and start picking the brains of the experts on this board (which has been of great help by the way). If trying to adj the timing doesn't work I was going to pull the injection pump and send it to a Bosch shop.


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