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I'd like to know more about this 60deg switch. I never seen one and I can guarantee there is NO electronic control of shift strength in a 722.3 or 4 trans.

A shift flare would be taken care of in electronic transmission control by adapting the pressures and measuring the shift overlap. Without such capability some shmoosing of these defects can be had by the external adjustments. The problem is internal though and can only be camoflaged with the adjustments.

The original concept for modifying the flare was the right aproach in general. Real success comes from experience knowing which to affect most shift strength (modulator adjustment) or shift timing (control pressure adjustment).

Since the problem is really an internal defect (probably a leaking seal) all external repairs are a compromise. If it requires obnoxiously hard shifts to obercome or rediculously quick shifts, then it may be easier to just live with it till a real repair can be made. it won't hurt anything and could go years that way.
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