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E320 Viscous Fan Removal

I'm stumped and a little bit lazy this Sunday morning. I have a 95 E320, with a failed viscous fan. I would like to change out the clutch today, it being Sunday. However, I am having problems breaking the socket head cap screw loose that holds the clutch assembly to the fan pulley.

I have the special "fan holding tool", but cannot, looking down from above, determine where the locking slot is located to rest the tool, which then engages a hole in the fan pulley. to immobilize the fan pulley. The manual directs you to insert the tool in a hole on the back side of the pulley, and to wedge the tool in a slot located in the fan bearing bracket.

Can the slot be seen/reached from above the motor in the engine bay? Or, do I have to remove the belly pan to get access from below the car? And, are there parts such as hoses, wires, etc. that should be removed to ease access to the pulley?

And, if the slot is reachable from above, can someone provide "directions" on how best to find and see the slot.

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