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Question so, is 80/100 watt H4 safe for my euros with factory wires?

Here's the scoop. I have a set of W201 DEPO euros. I recently purchased a pair of Hella H4 bulbs rated at 12V 80/100w. I also have a pair of generic blue-tinted H3 bulbs rated at 12V 100w. After reading about the H3 bulbs, I have decided to go with a standard 12V 55w H3 (preferably the same brand as the H4 to keep it consistent). With this fear of overloading my factory wires with high wattage bulbs, I am now wondering if the 80/100w H4s are safe for my euros. In some posts, I have read that you can get away with this wattage without upgrading your headlight wires or adding a relay. However, in some posts, there is mention of "caution" in using anything higher than the standard 55/60w H4.

My main question to you all is it absolutely SAFE and OK to use 80/100w H4 bulbs in my euro-spec headlight units WITHOUT HAVING TO UPGRADE ANY WIRING OR ADD A RELAY?

Here is my setup: H4 12V 80/100w :: H3 12V 55w :: no city lights

reason I ask is that I really don't have the expertise or know-how to upgrade the headlight wiring or add a relay. And since I have the 80/100w H4, I don't want to go through the hassle of wasting more money and time buying another set of H4 bulbs if I know it is perfectly fine to use them without having to do the above.

many thanks!
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