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I was just wondering that because I am not too fond of the vacuum door locks on my car, the delay from the time you unlock the drivers door to the time the passengers door unlocks get me a bunch of "unlock the door" comments from the passenger, also I went to best buy to look for a alarm system so I wouldnt have to lock the doors manually, well they told me I would still have to lock and unlock my doors manually because it is vacuum operated. And the reason I hate my climate control is it does its own thing all the time, for example if I turn the heat on in the morning it works just fine, but then when it gets to hot and I adjust to the white section of the knob it stays on full hot, then I just turn the knob from full hot to full cold a few times and it eventually works again, it does this quite often but I dont have the $$$ to get it fixed. Those are the reasons I dont like these vacuum systems.

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