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Steve: a couple of follow-ups!!

Could be that you're right.

But why, then, does this heavy piece have an electrical connection on it?

I thought injectors do not have electrical connections on them. This one comes from yellow plastic area in middle of the heavy black metal unit. Far end by fuel line has an injector like ending, with short needle showing and no opening (I don't know how gas gets in, but it does). Other end is plastic hose permanently connected to unit through a metal-like swivel. Cannot be removed. And this went into connector to 2 lines leading solely to distributor unit. Not to injector rails directly.

Does this help?

Also, if you think this was an add-on to a Euro car, can I try just connecting fuel line properly to the nozzle and forgo the device? What about the electrical connection?

thanks so much. You've always been a knowledgeable source for me, and the parts guy at MB was insisting it was an injector.
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