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Germanstar or Steve:

My followup questions are:

If this indeed was an afterthought addition to my German spec M117 engine and added to fashion a frequency valve which car didn't originally have, perhaps as an emissions control item, can Iforget about replacing it and just hook up the fuel line?

Secondly, and this is real important, what's the best kind of easily available fuel line hose that I can go get at auto supply store for purpose? Is their conventional fuel line hosing suficient?

Thirdly, if as euro model my emissions control was an add-on feature, what would change in eprformance without this makeshift " frequency regulator" be?

fourth, will there be enough pressure in line to warmup regulator whatever if I disgard the unit?

Last but not least: If there was any clogging at all in lines that this lead to, will I blow out hose per chance due to backup presure?

thanks. Need this info quick, as i'm going to reconnect hose tomorrow morning.
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