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The update - please read.

So here is the update and more important the full disclosure of people who have been involved in this matter.

First I want to say that I do strongly believe that "what goes around, comes around".

Perhaps not tomorrow but as Tony at MBZ said when taking me to the detail shop to pick up the car, "if you live your life by dishonesty and deceit, there is no way you can live you life to the fullest".

I have gone through the angry and hurt stage and now I just want to have my day in court with Mr Benjamin Kim. I have been approached by Mr Matt Clarke as he has extended his hand to me. For this I am very grateful, Matt and I believe I will have a good chance of recuperating some lost funds, which will allow me to fix the rest of the issues on the car. The engine light came on while driving home and the brakes are trimbling. I believe the rotors are somewhat warped. The radiator light came on as well. I suspect a very small radiator leak.

At this moment I want to extend my deepest gratitude to some great people, who has helped me restore my trusting faith in people.

Before I left for CA, I read postings here saying that the LA mechanic would have no reason to help me.
After the entire engine rebuild and rear suspension has been done with no expense to me, I have no other explanation than that George at MBZ Motors is a very rare business man for whom peoples trust and word ranks higher than the bottom line. I believe George felt taken by the PO just as much as I did. The difference is that George chose to stand by his word and work despite the cost involved.
When I had the car inspected and MBZ Motors prescribed $750 worth of minor repairs, I trusted them completely and paid up. I believe this kind of trust is now coming to my aid.

I thank my lucky star and in order to show gratitude for the great people at MBZ Motors, Winnetka,(818-709-5400)
( George (the owner), Tony and Hilmar, the mechanic who worked on my car and was very helpful and frank when I spoke with him about the repairs done to the car.)
I ask any of you good fellow MB enthusiats in LA to help me in making a difference for George. I realize and so will you if you stop by MBZ motors, that Gorge and his friends are hardly lacking business, but I have little other way to show my gratitude from up here in Seattle than to ask LA members to let George know that his kind of business is very much appriciated.

Good people have to make sure that "what goes around comes around". Especially when honesty and faith is at stake.

This is why I have an even bigger gratitude to extend to my mechanic up here in Seattle. If it wasn't for him I would not have learnt the truth of this car as quick as I did. It took him 20 sec of looking into the engine valve train to question the originality of the engine. He offered to pull the valve covers of for a very nominal labor fee to give me a diagnostic description of the engine condition.
I have used Paul at Centrum Motors, Bellevue (425-454-2680) for the last 4-5 years. He always has a moment for my concerns and questions. I have had 4 MB's now and I will never take my cars to anybody else. I cannot recommend him strong enough. Again I am sure he has enough business but his honesty and skills are highly deserving of Seattle MB members attention.

I realize the length of this posting, but I think it is very important to take time to show gratitude when called for. In this case, at least to me, it is very much called for.

Jari Kristensen.
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