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Arthur & Paul,

Perhaps I didn't express my question well, or you both missed the point, or both. I have my own small business too, and I'm very sympathetic to everything Paul expressed. Arthur, your dripping sarcasm I think was misplaced & unwarranted.

I certainly didn't expect to be charged for 15 minutes of labor, despite a forum poster saying that's how long it took. Frankly, I expected to be billed 1 hr of labor- regardless of the 15 min. comment, the indep. businessman has to make a profit, a fair profit , which was the point of my question. (The invoice actually had 1 hr to replace the switch & 1/2 hr to check starting system, as Paul stated was the proper & thorough way to deal with the no start situation). FYI, I had bought the part on Ebay 2 weeks ago because I wanted to get this fixed & originally didn't know it had to be done on a lift, which I obviously don't have. However, the car died on Tues nite in a parking lot & the part arrived on Thurs. The car wound up being repaired this Sat. morning. I thought under the circumstances my having the part was pretty convenient. And yes, I understood that my supplying the part might reduce his profit, but I hate paying the inflated dealer part cost-- where I live the dealer charges up to 50% over MB list!! Maybe the indep even added labor time to recover the part profit. (Paul ??? ) Nonetheless, I appreciated the job well done & on time, which it was.

And I appreciate your comments that I did fine. So I shall consider using this repair shop in the future, which was the related, but unspoken reason for my question.

Thanks & regards

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