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Hi cupr98:

The 500E headlights differed from the other w124 bodies in that the fog light became a driving light, with a different clear lens and re-positioning of the bulb in the reflector. I am not sure, but I believe the later headlights 93-95 headlights were a different, Euro type headlight, but not Euro beam pattern specification. Maybe someone else can comment.
You can tell the difference between US spec and Euro lights by looking at the lens and bulb. The Euro is 1 smooth section of glass from the grill to the turn indicators. The US light is a roughly 7"x5" glass faced head light "floating" in and framed by a cheap looking plastic frame and fog light lens assembly! The early US lights had a 9004 plastic base bulb, the Euros use a metal base H4 bulb.
The hood/grill/lights on the newer w124 looks pretty clean, but I personally like the traditional look of the older hood and grill. Painting the plastic grill insert a matte black makes it look more clean and modern, yet retains the traditional "this-is-a-radiator-not-just-a-grill" look of the older MBs.
If you want to modernize the car by using the newer hood, don't forgrt to monochrome the bumpers and side trim strip, otherwise it will look like an older car with a newer hood . Good luck!

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