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I'm sorry if I misunderstood your intent. I made this post because there are so many people that don't understand the cost of doing bussiness, expecially in the automotive bussiness. I really haven't looked up the labor to do your job, but I will today and let you know exactly what I would have charged. You are in the NE and I am in the SE and I realize that the pricing will be less here (Lower cost of living), but I will be able to better answer your question and give you a FAIR price in the SE.
And by the way, I don't add anything if someone brings their own part and I don't mark up parts more than LIST. Down here, we get a discount from most dealers of 10 to 15% off list, which will be our markup. So we use the formular "Cost + 40% or LIST, whichever is lower" Some shops do markup all parts some % or list whichever is higher. I just can't do that.
By the way, there is one other thing I will add which I didn't bring up before. When a customer brings his own part, I will install it, however there will be no warranty on the part, only labor. This means, If I did something wrong when I installed the part, I will stand behind my work and correct the problem. If however, I install the customer part and it fails, I expect to be paid to do the job again since it was not my fault, and it was not my part. Warranty only applied to parts I supply.
Think about it. Customer brings a $500 part. I install it for $50.
The part gos bad (not an installation issue). Is it fair that I would stand behind the customers part and have to pay for the part and labor again. Is it fair for me to have to work for free because of a part I had no control over or make any money off of. Some people actually think I should.
If you bring your car to me. I repair it using parts that I get my markup on, I will stand behind it and only say "I am sorry you had this problem. It will be taken care of and thanks again for your bussiness."
The customer comes out ahead.

Again I am sorry I missunderstood your comments.
I will let you know what a fair price would have been.

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