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I apoligize for the manner of answering your post and had your post not used the phrase 'Ripped Off", I am sure I would have answered in better tone...
"Ripped " implies to me that you have already made a conclusion .
My thoughts on the expression is that you get "Ripped "when you knowingly get a New Battery and Alternator bill to fix a slipping alternator belt, etc.....
And, I agree with your thoughts of one hr. being a probable time frame , but a .5 hr. labor charge one way or another on a part change such as a transmission saftey switch is quite common and certainly would not raise question of being ripped. Some switch jobs go well and some can take longer due to corroded and rusted linkages, etc.
Re-reading your post certainly tells me I over reacted and my thoughts are , again, that you did fine .
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