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If you have done the blower removal once,after that you don't find it a difficult job.
Remove the moldings on each side of the wiper assembly.
Remove the dividers in front and on each side of the wiper assembly.
Then remove the wiper assembly(4 bolts on the frame of the wiper assembly, 2 by the wiper motor and 2 under the wiper assembly on the passenger side.
The rest is simple : unclip the top half of the housing carefully so as not loosing the clips, then undo the large clip on top of the housing.
If the bearing of the blower are bad, depending on the type of blower motor you have, they can be replaced.
If not, maybee all it needs is lubricant.
Dilute silicone grease with paint thinner and apply to the bearing with a syringe. Thinning will allow the mixture to flow in the bearing where the thinner will evaporate and leave grease in the bearing.
This is what I did about 4 months back and since then, no problems.
You could have bad brushes that can also be replaced.
There are many threads on this subject.

Hope this helps.
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