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A/C Repair Questions

Hi All,

Iím replacing the main A/C hose, receiver-drier and expansion valve on my 86 300E and I have a few questions that I hope some of you might be able to help me with.

I have the Service CD, but I canít find anywhere in the Climate Control section where it details replacing the hose assembly. Does anyone know where I can find it?

The system has already been evacuated of freon. When I remove the hose assembly and receiver-drier, should I drain and measure the amount of oil that drains out so the A/C shop can refill it with the same amount, or is there some other way of determining when thereís the proper amount of oil in the system?

On the main A/C hose there's a canister arrangement with a couple of threaded fittings (see circled area in pic below), apparently for cooling the gas before it reaches the fuel distributor. The hose fittings appear to be difficult to reach from either above or below.

Can anyone whoís done this job tell me the easiest way to get at them, requiring the least amount of additional disassembly.

When I refit the gas hoses do I need to bleed the air out of the lines? If so, is it done at these connections or further upstream? Whatís the best way to do this?

Iím also replacing the expansion valve (just because itís relatively cheap and available). Itís tucked in against the firewall on the other side of the brake booster.

Any tips on tools and techniques to disconnect and replace it? I believe the valve body is attached to the evaporator by a couple of screws, but it doesnít look like thereís room to fit any kind of screwdriver in there. Would a ľĒ drive ratchet handle with a screwdriver bit do the job? Does it need a flat-blade, phillips or allen bit?

When replacing the o-rings, do I need to use any type of sealant or lubricant? What type, and where can I obtain it?

Any other tips, info or advice would be welcome.

Thanks in advance,

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