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*It was MonoValve* MonoValve or Panel? W124

Hello All,

It was the Monovalve. Although the old one tests within range (12.6 Ohms), and seems to work (can feel the click), and looks OK upon internal inspection, it must have been sticking in the open position. The new one is in and this problem has ceased. Thanks for all the consternation on this one!


Hello, I am intermittently getting heat (hot hot heat) out of all dash vents or just the outer vents with cold in the middle. Fan speed does not change. I can sometimes reset to normal by turning panel to "0" and back on, sometimes not. This happens on hot days while air is working (and it blows nice and cold when it does work). Seems to happen after an hour or more of driving.

Question: Is MonoValve an intermittent kind of thing or does it usually fail whole hog. (If it commonly fails all at once, I will start with other things.)

Car is my '86 300E.

1986 300E Anthracite + ECodes + MB Mileage Award

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