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Well I see someone got upset at the mention of a japanese automobile. Let me add the fact that I have recently had close to 3000$ put into this vehicle for shocks,tires,all brake parts,radiator,thermostat,fan pulley,bracket,and belt. I'm a bit tired of going to the mechanic and walking out with a 500$ bill. The car has only 132K miles on it which is relatively low for a mercedes or comparable long mileage car. Its not that it breaks so much,its that when it does it costs an arm, leg, 75% small intestine, 3 ribs and an ear. If you can tell me that I am over exaggerating I would like to see. Oh and to get just my heater fixed it will cost another 600 bucks because it takes 7 hours to pull apart my dash and front of car just to put in a damn potentiometer or some stupid part that changes the voltage sent from the thermostat. Oh I forgot the 300$ spent to install some valves and R-12 to get it to put out cool air. Yes I would like a toyota right about now. Oh and I do like my car. I'm just afraid of it breaking something else.

Rob C
89 190E 2.6
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