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BenzoX - I did not take any offense concerning the Jap car thing. I have owned some type of a Jap car since around 1982. Owned Honda m/c's in the early 70's - they were indestructable as are the cars. I do all my own work on my vehicles except balance and alignment of tires/wheels. My biggest concern is the electronics diagnostics stuff but on the same hand with the newer Hondas I could say the same thing. I went by the Honda dealer yesterday and the two S2000's he had on the lot looked real nice.

It is my opinion that parts for the Jap cars are not a lot cheaper than the MB parts but they do not seem to really need much to keep them going. The MB is easier to work on. The CRV is a good scoot around town car and the MB is best for putting on the interstate and covering some serious milage or for my 40 mile one way commute to work. I feel certain that I will always have a Honda parked in the driveway. I plan on keeping a MB in the driveway too unless it becomes economically prohibitive. Time will tell.
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