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Unhappy Rear colision need advice

Drunk yahu.....rear ended my prized 92 190e, and initial estimate totals things out. The car is drivable and still handles surpurb, but concerned about the life of my 4wheeled road pal.

I need advice in what happens in these situations. I'm fully covered and so is the person who rear ended me. As i understand, my insurance company requested to do their own estimate. If my insurance company issues a check for the value of the car, do I get to keep the car? Or are they purchasing the car and recooping from the drunk yahu's insurance or personal assets? I would like to keep the car, as long as it is safe and things way in my favor. The car has 154k and has never had a problem.

Best part is, it drives like a dream....please offer suggestions. I'm partially in mourning, but keep trying to tell's only a car
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