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to: Steve


I plugged both lines, using short hose sections at each end.

fuel system performance improved markedly. In that pressure was clearly up.

As the day progressed, I monitored the plugs. No leaks and no vapor smell, apart from the minimal gas that had leaked out earlier. Idle seems a bit quieter and amoother. Is that possible?

Now, as to good hose plugs:

Until I actually just remove split joints and reconnect main systems directly, etc., what is best plug material for a fuel hose section that will be clamped-off with typical screw-gear clamps (which i'm using satisfactorily now).

Temporarily, i'm using whatever I could find.

you know, I don't know why that Rube goldberg contrap[tion with the injector on the line was rigged in to begin with.

Aside from the right plug material question, again, if I've clamped off a controlled pressure fuel return line, then what's happening in it's absence?

thanks again.


PS: My daughter goes to UF in Gainesville!!
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