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Hi Spacemann,

from what I recall when my motorcycle was totalled in 1989, there will be a deduction of the amount you get if you keep the car. If your insurance pays you, they will try to collect from the rear ender, assuming he is at fault. He might say you drove backwards, you never know. But if he was drunk, I assume you have a police report and his insurance will have to pay.

I don't know whether your model has value as a parts car above what the insurance co. might deduct. You would have to research that in your area. Somebody on this board might know more,too.

It is my experience, however, that you always loose in a situation like that as you are not getting enough money for what you thought your car was worth, particularly if you maintained it well.

But then again, look at the bright side, you get to shop for new wheels...

Best of luck and be glad that you are ok. I am surprized you have no whip lash. When my Renauld was rearended in the '70s, I felt ok too initially, but had a mighty pain in the neck the next morning...It lasted a few days.

Reinhard Kreutzer
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