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On my 108, passenger side, there is a piece which looks somewhat like a tie rod. This piece sits just forward of the steering damper, and attaches to the same mount as the damper on the frame. The other end of this rod attaches to the frame crossover, at about the halfway point.

What is it, and what is the function of this piece? I ask, because while doing my oil change today, I noticed this piece was broken clean through about 2 inches from the dual mount with the damper. Since it is not mounted to any moving parts, I assume it is simply some sort of stiffener for frame integrity. I have noticed no difference in the handling of the car lately, nor have I heard any strange noises (knocking, bumping etc, from the steering).

I did not notice this defect during the last oil change 3,300 miles ago. I did recently clean the underside, removing many years of built up crud (this really made things stand out), so it is possible this has been broken for some time.

I'll be checking my local MB Tech's parts cars for a replacement.

BTW, I was out of town for two weeks, and came back to seven pages of new messages!!!! Took me two days to read through them.
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