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1991300SEL, your asked ''Where has it ever been written to add alcohol to oil? Huh?
Go up 4 posts and you'll see this: ''Try mixing a half liter or so of alcohol with the first oil change and I bet ti will pick up most of the water.''
KipFoss: '''I assume that the 'alcool' you write about is actually alcohol''. Very good assumption. my mistake.
'Ease up lad. Alcohol flashes at 85C perhaps, not 85 deg. F,''
Alcohol flash point is 85deg F, not 85deg.C (at 20% concentration)
Flash point is: ''the lowest temperature at which a vapor above a liquid will ignite.''
A mixture of alcohol vapors at 85deg F +air, add an ignition source==== result. explosion/fire.
Agreed, alcohol has a lesser BTU content than gasoline, but having this reaction in a closed confinement (oil pan) could result in some pretty bad consequences.
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