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German Climate Controls!

Where were the GM A/C people when MB started to design the ACC systems for their cars in then 70's

Can anyone tell me why some of the vac damper controls have two hoses to them and others only one -- I think I understand the one hose type (vac applied to it and it pulls down to open or close a vent - Correct!)

What about the two hose type!!

Also does anyone know what type is inside the heater box that controls the center vent on a 1988SL. I only have a few pictures that steve from continental was kind enough to post a while back

Is a manual for this available?

I want to get to the bottom of this -- if I can. BECAUSE

If the dash needs to come out to fix this then I want to do other things while I have the dash open -- I do not want to take it into the dealer and pay just to fix the A/C -- I was thinking of making it my winter car project -- what fun

Please help!!
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