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ERRRRR AC PROBLEM again!! after I bought new ac blower motor (w140)


I bought a blower motor with regulator for my s500 1995 4 door sedan (w140). After a while.. the passenger side far right ac vent started blowing warm/hot air when my ac settigns are on max cold. Also I have noticed that the vents to warm the windshield which are located on the top of the dashboard are also blowing hot air.. the middle vents and driver side vent is blowing cold air..but thats not good enough.. they should all be working fine.

Sometimes the AC shuts off by its self and displays an F on the driver side menu and a backwards F on the passenger side menu. WHen I try to turn it back on, the buttons don't respond so I have to open the hood and remove a fuse and put it back in..

Any ideas??

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