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Kamal & wjm,
I'd appreciate a little help since I have been unable to access Speedy's website with his photos. I thought pulling the cluster would be the hard part, but with the MB tool it was really easy. Now, I see all these relays on the right side. I see (1) one goldish "nut" next to the speedo cable, screwed into the body & holding a piece of metal which holds a black plastic "thing" with two sets of connectors--is this the 8mm requiring the small wrench?? and (2) a bolt into the back on the firewall holding I don't know what- is this what needs the 10mm & extension??. Is there anything else to remove?? The relays to the far right are not involved?? (PS-what are they?) A brief explanation how to get to the villanous relay would be much appreciated--I really hate getting into a dark car at nite. Thanks so much.

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