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Gotta ahnd it to ya Larry, I really enjoy your posts.
I also have experience with the big inch "muscle" engines and their desire to suck fuel as fast as you can pump it. I once had a Chevy 454 that if you fueled up with the engine running, it would try to suck the fuel nozzle and hose right into the tank through the filler neck. Talk about thirsty. I used to joke that when I would put my foot into it and open up the secondaries on the carb that I needed a friend to sit in the engine bay with a can and pour gasoline directly into the carb just to keep up.
I really don't care if people turn off the car or not when fueling up, just pay attention to what is going on. Don't leave kids in the car who could throw it into gear, and don't leave it unlocked. You may never see it again. Stuff like that. And make sure the hose is out of the filler tube before you drive away.

Happy trails.
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