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wiring diagram 1973 450se help

last week i attempted to remove the fuze box from my 1973 450se. i labeled the wires but i must have messed it up. now when i turn the key on the high beams come on and the windows won't work. i pulled two fuzes so now i can drive the car with out any high beams, the low beams still work fine. the funny thing is you have to pull back on the turn signal switch to operate the windows, must have crossed the high beam and window wires.
anyway, i have the mercedes c.d. and the haynes manual and both wiring diagrams show 20 fuzes, however i only have 16 fuzes in the box. can anyone help me try to figure out the discreprency? if anyone needs i probably can scan the diagram of the fuze box from the manual. thank you very much for the help
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