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Well I say do what you want, i havent had a cigareete ignite gasoline any which way I've tried it.

Try dropping a cig into a bucket of premium, what happens, it goes out.

I did fill a zippo lighter with premium once.. hehe once. ever seen a zippo shoot a flame 6 feet into the air? hehe

As far as fueling with the engine on, I don't remember there being any law in the books on it, but then again its been a while since I had to look at them. hehe I do however notice gas stations display the sign turn off vehicle before fueling.

Personally I turn off my engine, in LA, I'm more worried about someone driving off with the car, I'd really hate to lose my CD's.. hehe. Happened to a friend of mine, he was more pissed that his favorite baseball cap was in the car, than the car being stolen.

I myself have not heard of any explosions att he pumps due to car ebing on while refueling.

Yes those old V8's from the 60's ate gas, but that rumble is something you just love to hear. Had a 68 Vette convertible, and the top was never up. the Exhaust sounded so good and loud that I used to disturb pepople with it all the time.

If you really want to hear how loud your engine really is, try taking off all the pipes after the headers. Its guaranteed to be louder than you think.


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