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Originally posted by wjm

Well lookie here:

What does a new one go for?

I'm sure if no one bids you can work a deal with this guy.

So, you moving to the states or selling your car?
By some weird stroke of luck...this might car has just under 30,500miles on it right now...if I keep my original odometer and drive another few miles or so, I could match the mileage on this instrument cluster on eBay, then do the swap, and I would not need to get the new cluster serviced to match my mileage...

I was actually quoted a price of around $1000CAD for the cluster + labour at the Mercedes-Benz dealership...I am considering moving to the US...the car will most likely come to...thank you for the information!
1995 black pearl/black Mercedes-Benz E420 :
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