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Richard Ney
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I can't believe this issue is taking so much interest / I understand that questions must be responded / But I just refuse to believe that Mercedes drivers are even remotely consider to reach those levels of curiosity / If you are living in any part of the United States and really consider yourself as a good citizen, tell me if;
1) you think that question will make any difference in you life? whatever the response will be?
2) will you reach you place at work early than usual?
3) will you get ahead of the 740 just pass you by?
4) will you make the difference between other drivers, or improve the economy of you country or your motorcar perhaps?
5) will you get back at the OPEC by blowing up you favor gas station?

Call me stupid but I can't get it/

What is so wonderful in yourself, is that you question, bring on us, our innocence, our interests in having us to tell the world that is nothing wrong to be naive...- Sally field was not the only one who say " you love me you really love me"
Believe when others read this comments about you subject, must of them are going to say - really,really,really, we love those guys - look at this...

You get my attention right? Will my answer to you question, raises more questions in me:
Lets make this issue to the top;
1) should I consider to make changes on my brain chemical imbalance?
2) should I accept, that I belong to the other generation of Mercedes fanatics?
3) you think that what I see and heard today, is the version of the MB millennium Rap syndrome? If it is, I have to be prepare.

I just can understand...but I have to believe...
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