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Geeeezzz Shmneeeeezz,

I could never imagine that such a simple topic could create such STRESS and confusion, enough with the right and wrong's already.

Either you think it's OK, or you don't, no big deal.

I only admitted I "did" because I don't enjoy getting wet in the rain (never seem to get fully covered under the canopy!) and futher frost biting my already sensitive ears.

What seems to be over looked here, is that while the car is running you also can latch the pump handle, (usually a spring loaded clip. I'm guessing a safe 75% of the people who fillup don't even know what this is! If you don't believe me just watch how many people use it next time you fillup.) and enjoy the fume-free, warm, acoustically controlled interior of my car while the filling takes place!

Boy! This Election stuff is really making people EDGY!

Have a nice day.

96 C280, Greenish Black
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