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Still stuck on this one...

Csnow...Thanks for the responses

>Sorry, no diagram for the original post,
> but for the 2nd post:

> Assuming it was >assembled right, it would seem that it would have >to be that the shoe adjustor is set too tight, or >the cable is too tight.

> The shoe adjustor should >be rolled back prior to assembly, since the new >shoes are likely fatter (less worn) than the old. >They are then adjusted for proper clearance after >the rotors have been fitted. If the
> rotors go on hard, the >shoes are too tight. On my older model, I believe >the adjustor is tweaked through one of the wheel >bolt holes (if I remember right- I work on a lot >of cars...)

I made sure the adjusters ( I am assuming in MB lingo this is the "star wheel"?) were "closed"
i.e...they were not pushing the shoes apart.

> Parking brake cables are >ge>adjusted to make up for worn shoes. If the cable >is not taught when the brake is released, >this is not the problem.
>nerally left alone, unless they were previously

I have not really done anything to the cable yet.
I am noticing that the cable on the side that is
not letting "go" has more slack than the one that
connects to the other side and is operating fine.

I am not sure how to take up a little slack in this one to see how that may play....or should I leave it alone and look for other issues...

I will clean out the WD40 behind the "retractor"
and then apply break grease and see whether that
92 400E 128K
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