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What had happen was when I noticed I couldn't lock the door by using remote controller, I actually press the lock botton on controller and the indicator on the door blinked, but the door wouldn't lock, so I used the central pannel lock botton tried to lock the door, it appeared not functional. Besides, I also noticed that when I put in to the reverse gear, there are two metal stick in the back of cornor will stick out, but right now it keep sticking out and won't go down. so I was wondering if vacuum pump has problem, and at the same time I noticed that the lumber support on the seat doesn't work too( it won't pump the air into the seat), but the door assist works, so I am wondering if the door assist works but all the other stuff don't work, if that is vacuum problem?

1997 Range Rover 4.6SE
1997 Eclipse Spyder GS-T
1994 MB S500
1990 BMW 325I
1989 SAAB 900 Turbo

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