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I am not sure where else to post this.

Mercedes-Benz Canada introduces new
service concept with M-BExpress
Toronto (November 7, 2000) - In mid-October, Mercedes-Benz Canada will launch a new service concept called M-BExpress.
As the name implies, M-BExpress was conceived with the convenience of the customer in mind. Most services will be performed in the span of a few minutes, within an hour or a
maximum of two hours. While such service-on-the-go is not usually possible within the structure of a traditional service
department, M-BExpress was developed specifically for short repairs and/or inspections, allowing customers to wait for their car. The ultra-modern, 8,800 sq.ft. M-BExpress facility was designed for complete operational transparency. A walkway
along the service bays encourages customers to meet and talk to the technician attending their vehicle, or to simply watch as the repairs are performed. The facility has eight
service bays, a 350 sqft parts department, and boasts the latest, state-of-the art shop equipment. It also includes a three-car pre-owned showroom. A well-appointed customer
lounge with a fully equipped business centre, coffee bar and children's play area have been incorporated into the building
layout to provide customers with optimal use of their waiting time.

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