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Originally posted by M.B.DOC
NOT all fuels use the same formula.
The blend of RFG II fuel used in California is essentially regulated and there is virtually no difference between brands. Some use slightly different detergent additives, but they all have to pass the same test.

In fact, in many parts of the country this is now the case. There are over 100 "boutique" blends required in various markets, and this is the reason for the rise in prices in Phoenix and the rise in prices in the Midwest a couple of years ago. Many refineries are now set up to produce only the blends required for their distribution area, so if they go down, fuels from outside-the-area refineries cannot backup. It's arguable whether all these boutique blends improve air quality, but they sure do screw up the economics of gasoline, when a refinery or pipeline goes down.

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