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Trans stuck or ???? 1981 300 TD

I stopped at a red light and when it turned green, gave some diesel and the
car slowing moved forward. It could not move faster than 3 to 4 mph, then
the trans would shift down, coasting to 2 mph or so, apply throttle car will
move to 3 to 4 mph, then shift down again: This cycle will repeat itself for
5 miles or so... Finally, got tired of babying it and applied a good amount
of throttle and the trans worked as normal up to speed, down shift etc. A
few minutes later at another stop sign it started doing the 3 to 4 mph ,
shift down etc.. Applied good throttle and trans worked fine..finally made
it home..

I checked the fluid level but very hard to get a reading ATF all over the
stick, ATF good color and no odd smell
Car in P hear a winding sound
Car will not move in L and R. In R the trans shift. In L no shift what so
No trans fluid on the ground...
Check the vacuum lines in the engine compartment all looks fine

Of course, I know little about trans so am in the dark on this one....the
trans shifted fine before, first time a major problem with trans, am hopping
it's minor not major like a complete trans. Should I get out the crying
towel??? TIA

1981 300 TD 240,000 miles
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