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Hi, new here and just bought two 300-d's last August, an 81 & an 82. BTW, $1500- & $1400- to purchase.

I try to do my own work when ever possible, such as, water pumps, starters and alts. So I'm a little inclined.

The cold weather has started (+18) and the 81 still starts and runs like a champ w/o being plugged in. The 82 has always run a bit rough, esp. at idle. Now, it won't start at these temps w/o being plugged in. I've changed all the filters, and it didn't seem to cure it, STP diesil treatment seems to help the idle and smoking though. So anyway, I know this car didn't recieve the best care, and I'm sure it hasn't gotten it's valves adjusted since who knows when...

Is there anything I should know or any special tools I should have to do this my self? Better yet, HOW DO I DO IT AT ALL??? I've never worked on the inner compenents before, and I'm not expecting perfection, just a little improvement.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks, George

BTW, Great site!!!


81 300-D, 258k
82 300-D Turbo, 178k
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