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quick question about the city light in euros

hi all,

whoa, I was surprised there is so much stuff under the "euro" keyword search. When it came to bulbs, there were passionate debates on what H3 anf H4 to use. I could not find much on the city light. On my W201 euro, there is a socket located directly under the main H4 socket. I understand that this is for the city-light bulb. Is this an optional bulb? Can I leave it empty, as I don't want to put one in.

My 12V 60/55w H4 and 12V 55w H3 bulbs came in yesterday. I have installed a set in one euro headlight. I am not plugging in a "city light." Is that okay? Once I get the other set of bulbs installed in the other euro, I am ready to install my euros on my 190E! This could be fun.


I'm debating whether to reuse the yellow reflectors from the old headlights on the new euros. No one really seems to do this, so I kinda want it to be "different" (and practical).
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