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Unhappy suspension hardness

Thanks Steve for your assistance. Do you test the shocks by pressing down at the 4 corners of the car? If it bounces uncontrollably on release then the shocks are shot? If it comes back slowly or quickly at first then slows down then its still ok??? If this is not done, which other sure ways are there??? I haven't taken the car to a shock tester, but may do this soon. They are called Pedders and make their own brand of shocks and will test your car's shocks cheaply and produce a printed graph of the tyre going over rough road surfaces on a tester machine with rollers. My tyre brand is Simes which may be made in Malaysia. The side walls are particularly hard compared with Bstones. The thread have very deep channels and the rubber extra hard. Maybe my road feel is due to this more than the shocks.
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