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"But seriously, you check the shocks by pressing down on the corners as hard as you can and then watch the bounce. It should just come up, as the shock stops the spring from overshooting and then going down again"

It doesn't behave this way with our 190E - and the rears are new Bilsteins. Goes back up, comes back down, then settles out. I would say about 1.5 cycles. With the Honda or my old Acura, you're lucky to be able to push down at all. On our m'home, you couldn't hope to push down on the front corners, and driving seemed fairly normal on most roads. But the shocks on that were completely history.

If you want to do a push-down test, better is to have a known good same model to compare with. Best is to evaluate them off the car, or on a severe road test.

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