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Patsy, there is no such thing as a 1982 300SE. The 300SE 126 body was introduced as a 1986 model in the US and Europe and has the same engine as the 300E but in the bigger 126 body. Are you sure you have the model correct? For 1982, if it is a US version you would have:
300SD - Inline 5 Turbo-Diesel
380SEL - 3.8L V8 gas
Euro Versions:
280S - Inline six 2.8l carburated
280SE - Inline six 2.8l fuel injected
380SE/SEL - 3.8l V8
500SE/SEL - 5.0l V8
European cars differ greatly in their emission controls and horsepower. For example a 1982 US 380SEL has only 155hp where the Euro car has 204hp. Also of course the bumpers are different, interiors are usually velour/cloth, A/C systems are manual instead of automatic, etc...
Yellow fog lights were standard fare on US 126 cars and optional on euro cars. Yellow light is supposed to work better in foggy conditions as it reflects less in the suspended water particles in the fog.
Hope info helps.
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