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A/C problem with 94 S320

I have noticed over the past few weeks that my A/C has not been up to par. I thought it was because we were having these 110 degree temperatures and that the A/C was just trying to keep up with the heat. Because in the mornings, with the temperatures in the low 80's, the AC was blowing out ice cubes....but now, Ive begun to worry it could be something else....I did the diagnostic, and here are the values:

1- 114 degree in car temp
2 - 105 outside temp
3 - 89 degree right core temp
4 - 89 degree left core temp
5 - 86 degree evap temp sensor
6 - 90 degree temp sensor
7 - 15 bar pressure
8 - 45 blower voltage
9 - 30 software
16- 0 not equipped

other than the evap temp sensor, I dont see anything out of the ordinary...shouldnt the evap temp sensor be the temp of the cold air being delivered? I already know its not cold...but what could the problem be? The BAR pressure is good which shows there isnt a leak...right? Please, someone help...its awfully hot here in TX...


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