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Can you replace the sunvisor clips???

One of my passengers pulled down on my visor and broke the clip about 2 months ago and I was gonna replace it but haven't yet. NOW my wife pulled the other one and broke it too. Does ANYONE know how to pull the visors outward first before you try to use it (or at least see HOW it works before assuming it works the same as yours does)?

Anyway, I noticed that the clips that have the metal inside (that inable the vanity lights to light up when you open it) won't work because the visor is not connected via the clip that would hold it in place. Luckily it doesnt hang very low like I see a lot of other visors but I do want it back the way its supposed to be. Does anyone know how to replace these because it comes right out of the roof and I don't want to screw up anything. Also, if possible let me know the part number to order. Mine is the dark blue interior for an 86 560 SEL...


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