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Differential change

The differential has gone bad (noisy) in my 92 300CE. I bought a used one but when it arrived I noticed that it was hard to turn the 2 axle flanges against each other (spider gears?). It turns fine from the pinion flange. I want to check with anyone out there with experience with this type of differential. My original differential and the new used one are supposed to be non limited slip or ASR. However, I really don't know how to tell the difference? They are both 3.06 ratio and both have a wire plugged into the left side of the housing. The original is serial #098600 and the new used one is #1003622. The number on the back cover of the new used one is:
R124 S51 27 08 which looks like a part number but I don't know if it is for the entire unit or just the back?
I don't want to install this thing and find out I have a problem with it latter. Any help would be appreciated, as the manuals I have do not have much info on the differential. Thanks, Craig
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