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What's my car worth

I'd like all you knowledgable people to take a moment and tell me what my car would be worth to you. The reason for this is that I am taking Mr Kim to court and I am also wondering how much money I could expect to get for the car now that I am putting money into it.

As you know it's a 560 sel from -89 black on grey leather.
When I have removed 4 door dings and one minor scratch (4 inch long) it's by far the best kept inside out car I have ever seen. The interior is completely free of any cracks in leather and dashboard/wood.

The engine is completely rebuilt. Top is entirely new.
New rear suspension spheres.
New brakes and tires.
New motor mounts.
Cooling system checked out.
Oil level sensor and oil pan and gasket.
P/s hoses + all belts.
Fuel actuactuator.

The only issue is that the engine is not the original and so the miles of currently 67000 means nothing.

What would this car be worth now???

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