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Check your tranny fluid, too, and do a tranny service if one hasn't been done recently.

I blew a tranny cooler line on Sat, fortunately as I was picking elderberries so I was close to home and not on the highway. After replacing the lines and doing the tranny service, I filled it back up with Mobil 1 synthetic ATF (all seven quarts!), and my shudder on acceleration was gone.

I suspect I had a leak for a while -- oil puddles at work where I park, etc, so I think the tranny was low on fluid and the torque converter wasn't full, causing the shudder.

I drove it into the garage, and it acted almost normal, but nothing came out of the pan when I pull the dipstic tube off, and there wasn't but a cup or so of fluid in it when I dropped the pan. Torque converter was nearly empty, and I was getting air out of the cooler line......

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