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Hi guys, please excuse the delay, very buisy lately.

I purchased the speedbleeders from the speedbleeder company since they are local to me. They weren't very professional on the phone but they did ship my order right away.

Not sure exactly what seal you are talking about but all the rubber was replaced. They heat them up to about 500 deg. F, this is no problem for these iron calipers. As for the DIY, it was very easy. Only thing you have to have patience with is installing the front calipers dust seal. It's a little tricky but not too bad. Another thing that will help greatly is a compressed air sorce to get them apart. Make sure you put a board or something between them or they will shoot out and smash the pucks all up. I made the mistake of putting my fingers there... OUCH! If you have the service manual on cd that will help you understand. I would have taken pics but I just can't find the time to do any car projects right now.

Thanks for the compliments!

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