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My CC switch stopped working in a very clear way one day last summmer on a long trip. It stopped springing back to the center from the set/accelerate position. I stopped using it because it didn't dawn on me that I could set it using the set/deaccelerate position.

Anyway, now that I've successfully replaced it I'm testing it all the time and it works intermittantly. Now, by this I mean that it either completely works or never does between different starts of the car. For example it has yet to work on the first start of the day in three days, but by the second or third start (running errands and such) it will work and work flawlessly during that drive. I haven't seen it fail on a latter start that same day.

Is there a dependance on the engine temp for the CC to work? It's been in the 30s F during this time and my thermostate seems to be kaput. Any other ideas? Thanks,

'87 300TD Turbo
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