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I once heard of a guy who was taking old 126 body cars and making them back into "new" cars. He was rebuilding the motor, trans, suspension, maybe AC etc. This was a number of years ago and supposedly he was getting 25K for the finished results.

As I thought about the product and how it's price stood up to its value, I came to a number of conclusions. The first was that instantly after such a purchase the car would loose half of its "value". Secondly, the utility value of the purchase could be one of the best deals going with the best "S" car MB ever made starting all over again. Do you think MB would be able to sell a new 560SEL for much less than $50k.

I haven't a clue what your car is worth. I can't imagine paying what you paid, but that is not a legal matter (but what do I know... no lawyer here). It sounds like you now have the car you paid for except for the number thing which means zippo to me. What value is lost to the off chance that one day a numbers right concours car would have special value, is decades away. Those cars will never be number special, atleast not for 30 years.

And BTW, unless you bought the modern equivalent of the 25k car above, you are buying an old car and it will need repairs that are not the sellers problem unless you have some agreement. A 15 year old car with 67k miles is going to have numerous things go wrong if put into daily use. Every rubber seal in the powertrain has had the worse thing happen to it that could happen....nothing. Seals need activity and lubrication to stay subtle. Sitting motionless for great periods does to seals what sitting does to tires.

The cosmetics are what really give value to those cars the mechanicals are infinitely repairable!
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