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Unhappy suspension woes

From my own tests by pressing down the 4 corners, the body also goes up and settles without any prolonged springing up and down. Hence I think for the time being they are fine, but not necessarily at their best. This aside, my next worry is the rotors which appear too thin last 2 months during some checks with the wheels off. Was told by my indie the fronts will cost all up A$515 includes 2 rotors, 4 pads, labour and tax. The backs will cost A$407 including the rotors and so on. I might just do the fronts first as they are more important in stopping the car than the backs. Will do the backs later. Just trying to ration my spending. Any ideas? Was also told I could change to ventilated rotors from the C200 and above series and pay only a few hundred more and they will still fit.
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